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The end of last month, members of Congress and the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) pushed for emergency legislation, the Consumer Protection and Recovery Act (H.R. 2668).  HR 2668 would amend Section 13(b) of the FTC Act “to explicitly reaffirm the FTC’s longstanding authority to obtain injunctive and equitable relief, including monetary redress for consumers in

The Lavarious Gardiner v. Walmart Inc. et al. case is anything but typical.

As a re-cap, back in July 2020, plaintiff filed a class action complaint against Walmart alleging that Walmart suffered a data breach which they never disclosed. As evidence of the breach, plaintiff presented claims that the personal information associated with his

CPW readers are already familiar with the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) which took effect this year.  Well, buckle your seatbelts and . . . . bolster your internal security practices as the first settlement under the CCPA has been announced and the area in which it has the greatest impact has nothing to do