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TCPA World's Archduke of the Realm, Daniel Delnero has successfully represented clients plagued by TCPA lawsuits in federal courts and arbitration hearings throughout the country. He has obtained victories for TCPA clients in state and federal court and in arbitration hearings, and defeated class certification on multiple occasions.

Daniel combines his litigation skills with in-depth knowledge of his clients' communication systems to develop creative legal strategies and combat opposing experts. This allows clients to develop defense strategies that take into account how their systems actually work instead of being saddled with loaded terms used by courts and the plaintiff's bar.

In addition to TCPA defense, Daniel represents companies across multiple industries facing individual lawsuits and class actions under the FDCPA, FCRA, TILA, and state analogs. He also represents companies in the financial services industry facing government investigations from agencies such the CFPB and DOJ.

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