Hi friends

Eric J. Troutman here, mythical (or is it mystical?) Czar of the TCPAWorld.

It is no secret that I’ve been excited to expand our offerings beyond the TCPA–and the fact that SCOTUS may strike down the TCPA at any minute has a little something to do with it. Ha.

But in truth, the pursuit of this new legal WORLD to explore was driven by YOU, my esteemed and splendid readers and friends.

How many of you have asked at one of my many, many, many speaking engagements over the years a cross-over question regarding CCPA or data privacy? Indeed every company interested in TCPA is–to some degree or another–interested in data security and applicable law. (I even did a webinar on this once–and I hate webinars.)

How many of my dear clients have sought guidance on the FCRA–noting the complete lack of ANY meaningful internet resource on the subject? (For shame internet!)

And of course BIPA–who had ever even heard of that statute before Jay Edelson’s huge interview on my podcast last year? I don’t see many hands out there. And that’s because the phenomenon of BIPA litigation is taking root right before our very eyes.

All three of these areas of law–along with the alphabet soup of enactments like CIPA, SCA, ECPA, and yes even HIPAA (shy wonderful HIPAA)– are fast-paced and developing. They need attention and meaningful analysis by real privacy lawyers steeped in this stuff and from a firm with the resources to devote to tracking case law developments and spotting trends in real time–as they develop.


Well, because you’ve asked for it, that’s why. And so we delivered.

For those of you familiar with TCPAWorld.com–and you all are aren’t you?–we take the mission of chronicling and exploring case law and related developments incredibly seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Pretense is dull. So are barriers to content. Plus lawyers often hide behind legalese when they don’t really understand what they’re trying to say. (But I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know now am I?)

None of that here.

We’ll review all the case law and give you exactly what you need to know, and we’ll try to do it in a way that is light-hearted and relatable. At times–dare I say–even entertaining (although some of us are better than that than others. Ha.)

Our formula is simple– if something happens out there in the wide world of consumer privacy law, we want to give it to you straight and as immediately as possible. You need to know this stuff right now–not days or *cough* weeks later. And you don’t want gobbledy gook or nonsense. We get it.

More than that, you want  to trust that you can rely on what you read and you want a single resource that will comprehensively cover the law that matters most to you–from all angles.


Squire Patton Boggs has assembled its truly amazing team of privacy lawyers–I mean look at this team– and spared no resource to assure that consumerprivacyworld is exactly what you need it to be– timely, smart, engaging, analysis you can work with and learn from.

So welcome to your new privacy law wonderland! Please do make it YOUR wonderland. If you have questions or thoughts on how we can improve–reach out. Don’t like an article or disagree with some analysis? Let us know. And of course if you actually do like something you see here–tell us. We want to know how to make your experience on consumerprivacyworld.com as useful as possible.

We sincerely hope you’ll enjoy your stay and take your time to appreciate everything the website has to offer over time (we’ll be rolling out new features shortly–don’t worry if it feels a bit Spartan in the short term, bells and whistles and a merry-go-round will be installed shortly.)

It is great to have you here. Enjoy–and tell a few dozen pals.

Thanks friends. Chat soon.